Jackson Avenue

(formerly The Kin)

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jackson avenue band

Sound of Rock, Rhythm of Blues

From blues to rock; From legends to new artists; From classics to originals – Jackson Avenue Brings It!  

If you are looking for a Brazoria County live band and like blues and rock, with a hint of soul and a lot of class, then you’ll LOVE Jackson Avenue!

Jackson Avenue is a live band in Brazoria County that blends blues, rock and some contemporary pop with a little soul mixed in to find a perfect musical blend for concert goers or those who just want to dance the night away.  With local Brazoria County native, Mashad Collier, on lead guitar and vocals, propped up by the rhythm and back beat of his cousin and the band’s founding member, Courtney Johnson, on bass along with his brother, Myron Collier, rockin’ the drums – Plus add in the fourth relative; Mashad’s wife, Shauna Collier, with powerful lead vocals herself – Jackson Avenue brings a unique southern rockin’ blues sound to their music not found in any other bands today.

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